What are Pre-Cut Fabrics?

What Are Pre-Cut Fabrics?

What are fabric pre-cuts?

What are pre-cut fabrics? They are exactly that.  Fabrics that are pre-cut to specific sizes that can be used by sewers, crafters and quilters.  I remember when the only pre-cut fabric that you could find were fat quarters but now there are many different sizes and shapes of fabrics that you can buy to take the cutting out of sewing.  What do you think about sewing with a honey bun or a layer cake?  Sounds delicious I know but you really can sew with what sounds like your favorite treat.  In fact, honey buns and layer cakes are examples of pre-cut fabrics that will help you in your sewing and crafting projects.  So what are they?  Lets take a look.  

If you would like your free Printable of all of the pre-cut fabric sizes and shapes click here and download the list.  

Common Fabric Sizes

Fat Quarters – Fat quarters are sort of exactly how they sound.  They are a quarter yard of fabric but not the way it is cut off the bolt.  Instead of a long strip of fabric that is 9″ x the width of the fabric (WOF) you get a rectangle that measures 18″ x 21″. It is still a quarter yard of fabric but it is cut in a slightly different way.  I think that fat quarters are the most versatile and readily available of the pre-cut fabrics because of their dimensions.  

You can purchase fat quarters either individually or in a bundle.  The beauty of buying fat quarters in a bundle is that you generally get one of each fabric in a line of fabrics so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching them.  The work is done for you.  But, if you just need a small amount of fabric for a craft project head to your local fabric store and purchase one or two.  

Fat Eighths – Fat eights are simply half of fat quarters and measure 9″ x 21″. 

Charm Pack – A charm pack is a bundle of fabric in the same line of fabrics.  Each piece measures 5″ x 5″.  You typically get 42 squares per charm pack.  

Mini Charm Pack – A mini charm pack is a bundle of fabric in the same line of fabrics.  Each piece measures 2.5″ x 2.5″.  You typically get 42 squares per mini charm pack.  

Layer Cake – Layer Cakes like charms and mini charms come in bundles of 42.  They measure 10″ x 10″and contain one fabric from a single line of fabrics.  

Honey Bun – Honey Buns are strips of fabric that measure 1.5″ x WOF.  Each bundle contains 40 strips.  

Jelly Roll – Jelly Rolls are also strips of fabric that come in bundles of 40.  They measure 2.5″ x WOF.  

Dessert Roll – Dessert Rolls are strips of fabric that measure 5″ x WOF and come in bundles of 12.  

Turnover – Turnovers are 6″ triangles that come in bundles of 80

Honeycomb Hexagon – Honeycomb Hexagons are 6″ hexagons that come in bundles of 40.  You can also find 4.75″ hexagons as well.  

The best part about buying pre-cuts is not having to cut them but you will pay a little extra for the convenience. You do lose out on the enjoyment of picking out fabrics as all of the bundles come from a single line of fabrics that already coordinate but if this is something that you struggle with then pre-cuts are for you.  




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