Christmas Tree Upcycling

Christmas Tree Upcycling

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Christmas Tree Upcycling — Photo by Michael Braun Photography for istock

Christmas Tree Upcycling.  Is it enough to put your tree on the side of the road for the trash collectors to toss it away?  Maybe not. Here are a few ideas for reusing your Christmas tree after the season has ended.  The folks at This Old House got me to thinking so here are eight suggestions on things you can do with your Christmas tree this season.

1: Chopped Fire Wood

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Chopped Fire Wood

The most obvious example is chopping it, letting it dry out and using it as fire wood.  Such an easy solution to prevent your tree from going into the trash.

2: Pine Needle Mulch

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Pine Needle Mulch

Use the needles of the tree for mulch in your garden.  According to This Old House pine needles dry quickly and decompose slowly so they make an excellent moisture and mold free mulch.

3: Edge Your Borders 

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Edge Your Borders – Photo by Kolin Smith

4: Trivets and Coasters

Saw the tree into circles and use the circles to line your bed borders.

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Christmas Tree Trivets

Use the circles you cut in the previous step and sand them smooth.  Coat all sides with polyurethane to keep the sap inside.  Depending on the size, you can use it as a trivet or coaster for your drinks.  Perfect natural way to protect your furniture and counter tops.

5: Tree Chipping

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Tree Chipping

Put your tree through a chipper.  Spread the chips under your shrubs as a weed blocker.  As the chips decompose they add additional nutrients to your plants.

6: Plant Stakes

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Use the Branches as a Plant Stake.

The thin branches of the tree make perfect stakes for your house plants and look more natural than the green ones you get at the local garden center.

7: Chopped Fire Wood

Christmas Tree Upcycling
Tree Trunk Wine Rack and Bird Feeder

These two ideas that are simple but elegant.  They require a little work to drill the holes and hollow out the sides but otherwise you have a terrific final product.  You can check this out and other ideas at

8: Planter


Christmas Tree Upcycling
Christmas Tree Planter

Finally, Cut a variety of sizes of the trunk and hollow out the upper portion and fill with soil or planting mixture and plant with plants of your choice.  Succulents work particularly well.





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