Mini Party Poppers

Mini Party Poppers

It is time for Christmas parties to abound.  My husband is from England and as part of the Christmas ritual they have these party poppers that contain party hats and other things.  This is my version of a mini party popper for this Christmas or any other holiday for that matter.  You can make these simple little poppers to contain confetti or sweat treats but they will liven up any party and they are really simple to make. Just cut out the pattern and roll up the paper and you have a wonderful festive touch you can add to any party.  These little poppers are also perfect for  New Years or 4th of July.  Just pick colorful papers and string to make these poppers perfect for any occasion.

What you will Need:

  • Pattern
  • Decorative paper or card stock
  • Confetti or confections
  • Decorative string
  • Exacto Knife
  • Cutting mat
Mini Party Poppers
What you will Need

Step 1: Mini Party Poppers

Place the pattern onto your paper or card stock and cut out the diamond shapes and the bottom zig-zags using your Exacto knife.

Mini Party Poppers
Cut out the Diamonds and Edges with an Exacto Knife

Step 2: Mini Party Poppers

Place the confetti or confections into the center of the paper.

Step 3: Mini Party Poppers

Roll the paper so that the diamond cut ends come together and are easily tied with string.

Mini Party Poppers
Roll the Paper so that the Diamonds can be Closed with Decorative String

Step 4: Mini Party Poppers

Tie the ends closed with string where the diamonds meet and you are finished with your poppers.

Mini Party Poppers
Finished Popper

Step 5: Mini Party Poppers

Pull the poppers and get your confetti or confections.




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