Easy Knit Christmas Bells

Easy Knit Christmas Bells

These Easy Knit Christmas Bells are a great beginner knitting project.  Any knitter who can knit and purl can make these easy knit bells. Not only can any beginner make them they can be made in about half an hour with just basic knitting supplies.  Trust me if I can knit these so can you.  I am not a knitter really.  I can do the basics and that is about it but I was charmed by these bells and thought to provide a tutorial for those beginner knitters out there.  These bells are not knitted in the round so they do not require that more advanced skill.  Instead they are knitted on straight needles and sewn together using ladder stitch so that the stitches are invisible.  I promise that any beginner knitter can knit these bells in no time at all.  Lets get started.

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What you will Need:

Easy knit Christmas Bells
What you will need Christmas Bells

Step 1:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

Cast on 20 stitches to one of your needles.  Make sure you leave a long tail as you will use the tail for sewing in a later step.  You will notice that I used circular needles but there is no reason.  They were the only needles I had in size 6 so I used them.

Easy Knit Christmas Bells
Cast on 20 Stitches

Step 2:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

Work in stockinette stitch for 14 rows.  If you are not familiar with stockinette stitch it is simple.  Knit the first row and purl the next and continue alternating rows until you are finished with the 14 rows.  You are going to take advantage of the fact that stockinette stitch curls as you knit.

Step 3:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

For Row 15 you will knit the first stitch then knit 2 together, knit 1 and knit 2 together until you reach the last two stitches.  You will knit those.  You will have 14 stitches left.

Easy Knit Christmas Bells
Knit 2 Together

Step 4:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

For Row 16 you will do the same thing as row 15 but you will purl the first stitch then purl 2 together, purl 1 and purl 2 together until the end where you will purl the last two.  You will have 10 stitches left.

Step 5:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

For row 17 knit 2 together all the way down the row.  You will have 5 stitches left. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail.

Step 6:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

Place the tail onto a tapestry needle and slip the 5 remaining stitches onto the tail. Remove the tapestry needle.

Easy Knit Christmas Bells
Put the 5 Stitches on the tail
Easy knit Christmas Bells
ail is through the 5 Stitches

Step 7:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

Take the tapestry needle and place the original tail through the eye.  Turn the piece so that the wrong side is facing you.  Stitch the bottom 5 stitches closed using ladder stitch.  If you are unfamiliar with ladder stitch check out this video.


Easy Sew Christmas Bells
Sew together using ladder stitch

Step 7:  Easy Knit Christmas Bells

After 5 rows turn the piece to the right side and continue sewing until you reach the top where you will tie a knot by tying the two tails together.  Place one of the tails through the tapestry needle and through the top of the bell into the inside of the bell.  Attach the yarn to the large jingle bell then back through the top of the bell.  Make sure that the jingle bell is showing a little bit at the bottom.  Tie another knot to secure the bell.  You have now finished your easy knit Christmas bell.

Easy Sew Christmas Bell
Add the Bell
Easy Knit Christmas Bells
Finished Christmas Bells

If you would like more Christmas Projects check out my Holiday Projects Vault page for more holiday sewing and crafting projects.




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