How to Make a Banana Zipper Pouch

How to Make a Banana Zipper Pouch

How to Make a Banana Zipper Pouch

I really needed something to store my rotary cutters.  I decided a banana zipper pouch would be perfect for this purpose. For those of you that follow Sew Very Crafty you know that I love zipper pouches.  They are fun and functional.  This one is super simple too.  All you need for this project is two pieces of scrap fabric and a continuous zipper.  You could even use a 24″ regular zipper if you want but I like the continuous zippers because you can cut them any length you want. For this project either will do.  

I used some scrap cotton fabric that I had on hand for this project.  I added some fusible fleece to give it some structure.  Otherwise this project is all about the zipper.  I chose a cute metal zipper pull for my nylon zipper to add to the fun of this project.  One of the great things about continuous zippers is the ability to interchange zipper pulls to something more fun.  You can do this on a regular zipper but you have to cut off the end to do it.  Give it a try on a special project to see how easy it is.

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What you will need: How to make a banana zipper pouch

What you will Need Banana Pouch

Step 1: Cut your fabrics and zipper

Using the pattern piece cut one each of the lining, outer and fleece fabric pieces.  Cut your zipper to measure 23 3/4″ long.  Note: you will have to separate the zipper so when you are cutting a regular zipper you will have to cut some from each end so that the zipper pull can be removed and you can pull the zipper apart.

Cut your fabrics

Step 2: Pull the zipper apart

Remove the zipper pull and pull the zipper apart so that you have two separate halves.  

Split the zipper

Step 3: Fuse the fleece

Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the outer fabric following the manufacturers instructions.  

Fuse the fleece

Step 4: Pin the zipper

Starting at one end of the outer piece pin the zipper all the way around until you reach the other end.  Stitch the zipper using a zipper foot.  Clip the curves so that the piece lays flat.  

Add the zipper

Step 5: Add the lining to your banana pouch

Place the lining right sides together with the outer fabric and the zipper in between the two.  Stitch using a zipper foot.  Notch the curves so that the pieces lay flat. Press the fabrics and topstitch all the way around the zipper.  

Add the lining

Step 6: add the zipper pull

Using the zipper pull that came with the zipper or a fun metal zipper like I did, add it to the bottom of the pouch.  

Add the zipper Pull

Step 7: Stitch the Bottom of your banana pouch

Stitch the bottom of the pouch through all layers using a 3/8″ seam allowance.  Trim the ends.  Using a zig zag stitch or a serger stitch the bottom.  Turn the pouch right sides out.  You have finished the banana zipper pouch.


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How to Make a Banana Zipper Pouch




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  1. For your banana pouch, use a fork to hold the zipper pull, then thread the pull on. I am going to use this to store my mask, hand sanitizer and gloves. I will be making mine a little larger. Thanks.

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