How to Make a Quilted Christmas Table Runner

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Table Runner

I am still expanding my quilting skills and learning some design techniques as well with this quilted Christmas Table Runner.  I purchased the EQ8 Design software and have been enjoying learning it.  This is my first quilt that I have designed using just the stock blocks.  I am sure that with practice that I will be designing my own blocks in no time.  It has really been enjoyable.  My previous forays into quilting have been really basic designs using squares, half square and quarter square triangles.  This design uses templates that I will include in this tutorial.  I really like this software because not only can you design your quilt but you can upload your fabric swatches to see exactly the way it will turn out.  How fun. 

I purchased the EQ8 software at Amazon for a terrific price.  I also bought EQ8 Drawing Blocks by Kari Schell and EQ8 Lessons for beginners by the Electric Quilt Company. These were purchases at Amazon as well and have been very helpful.  I purchased all of my fabrics at JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores but you could head to fabric.com or onlinefabricstore.net to get the perfect fabrics for your project.  Joann’s had all of their Christmas fabrics on sale for 50% off so I couldn’t resist.  This posts contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Tree Runner 

What you will Need:  How to Make a Christmas Quilted Table Runner

Step 1: Making the Ohio Star

Ohio Star Pattern

The two stars in this design are a basic Ohio Star block. I chose this block because it is easy for a beginner like me to conquer.  I have included a template for the squares and half square triangles but you don’t necessarily need them.  Keep in mind that each block in this design is 8″.  The Ohio Star that I am using for this project requires three different fabrics.  I used a green print, a red print and a white sold to create my 8″ block.  

I like to create the Ohio Star block in rows.  As you can see this is essentially Three rows with three squares in each row.  Start by taking The half square triangles and stitching them together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Because I am using three different fabrics I will have to stitch the triangles together individually.  I started with my solid white triangle and stitched a green print triangle to it using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  I then stitched the red triangle to the other green triangle to create two half triangles.  From there I stitched the two half triangles together to create one square.  I created all of the triangles squares first.  Once I created the triangle squares. I stitched the block together.

I started with a white square and stitched it right sides together with the pieced square.  The seams were pressed toward the pieced square.  I then added another wrote square to the other side of the pieced square and pressed the seams toward the pieced square to complete the row.  I created the next two rows in the same way but the second row started with the pieced square and had a green patterned square in the center.  Once all three rows were completed I stitched the rows together again using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  

Repeat for the second Ohio Star block.  

Stitch white and green B pieces together
Stitch The two halves together
Finished Square
Create the rows
Stitched Ohio Star

Step 2: Create the Christmas Tree Block

The Christmas tree block is a little more complex than the Ohio Star Block.  

Christmas Tree Block Pattern

Once again, I created this block in rows.  Starting at the bottom.  You can see the colors I used by looking at the diagram I drew using the EQ8.

Stitch piece D to Pieces C
Stitch Pieces E to Pieces F according to the diagram
Stitched Row
Stitch Alternating Pieces E
Stitched Green Pieces
Finished Tree Block

Step 3: Add the Inner Border

There are three borders on this table runner.  The first Border comes in pieces so we will have to piece it together.  I started with the small corner on the top left and added the white patterned rectangle then added the next square.  This was stitched to the top of the Ohio Star.  I proceeded to stitch the next rectangle and square to the side of the Ohio Star then repeated for the bottom and the other side Creating a larger square.  I repeated this process for the remaining blocks until all of the inner border was complete.  

Add Inner Border
Stitch the blocks together

Step 4: Add the Second Border

I used the green patterned fabric for this border. The short sides were stitched first on both sides.  I then added the long sides to complete the border.  I simply measured the length and width of my table runner

Add second border

Step 5: Add the Third Border

I used the red print fabric for this border.  The red border was stitched to the green border in exactly the same way as the Green Border was stitched to the inner border.  

Add outer border

Step 6: Stack Your Quilt

Now that the quilt top is finished it is time to assemble your quilt.  I used the green print fabric for the backing of my quilt.  Cut the fabric 2″ larger than the quilt top all the way around.  Cut the quilt batting the same size as the quilt backing.  place the backing on your work space wrong sides up making sure that it is wrinkle free.  Spray it with spray baste.  Lay the batting on top shooting out Andy wrinkles.  Spray the batting with the spray baste and place the quilt top on top of the batting.  Smooth out.  You could also use pins for this but I find the basting spray to be a little easier to work with.  

Stack fabrics and batting

Step 7: Quilt your Quilt

Now is the time to quilt the quilt.  You can use any technique you like to quilt your quilt.  I decided to quilt my quilt following the angles of the squares and triangles.  I also used wavy lines on the borders.  

Step 8: Bind your Quilt

It is time to finish your quilt by binding the raw edges.  I am not going to explain the process here.  Rather, I am going to show you this video that really helped me.  It will walk you step by step on how to bind a quilt.  It has worked for me on the few quilts that I have done.  


Bind the quilt
Finished Table Runner

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Table Runner

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How to Make a Quilted Christmas Table Runner




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