How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch

How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch

Sometimes you just need to see what is in your pouches.  Fortunately, clear vinyl lets you do that and you can sew with it.  How good is that?  I needed some clear vinyl pouches and I had some vinyl in my stash that I got as a remnant so I could make a few simply and easily.  I decided to share this tutorial with you so that you too could learn how to make a vinyl zipper pouch.  This is a beginner sewing project though it does require a specialty foot if you are going to sew this project easily.  I used a Teflon coated presser foot to sew my vinyl so that I could sew it smoothly and easily.  I really recommend that you use a Teflon foot for your project too.  It will really make a difference. 

What you will Need: How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch  

How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch
What you will Need Vinyl Pouch

Step 1: Cut your Vinyl

Cut two rectangles 7″ x 9″ from the clear vinyl.  

Step 2: Clip Your zipper

Place your zipper face up and closed on your work surface.  Lay one of the long edges of the vinyl rectangles on top of the zipper and centered.  Align the edges.  Use wonder clips to hold the zipper and vinyl together as pins will create permanent holes in the vinyl. 

How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch
Clip the zipper to the vinyl

Step 3: Sew Your zipper

Using your Teflon foot, sew the zipper to the vinyl using a 3.0 stitch length.  Anything smaller could result in tearing the vinyl.  Repeat the process for the other side.

How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch
Sew the zipper

Step 4: Top Stitch Your zipper

Turn the vinyl so the zipper is showing and finger press.  Top stitch the zipper using matching thread.  

Step 5: Sew the sides and bottom

Place the vinyl rectangles together with the zipper pull facing down in between the rectangles.  Open the zipper half way because you will be turning the bag through the open zipper.  Clip the edges together using wonder clips. Using a 3/8″ seam allowance sew along the sides and bottom of the vinyl rectangles making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.  

How to Make a Vinyl Zipper Pouch
Sew the sides and bottom

Step 6: Box the corners and turn the bag

Line up the side seam on top of the bottom seam and measure 3/4″ from each corner.  Draw a line.  I used Tailor’s chalk for this purpose.  Sew on the drawn line on both corners. Trim 1/4″ from the stitched line. Turn the bag through the opening in the zipper and you have completed your vinyl zipper pouch.  

How to make a vinyl zipper bag
Box the corners
How to make a vinyl zipper pouch
Finished Bag


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