How to Make an Embroidered Key Fob

How to Make an Embroidered Key Fob

How to make an embroidered key fob

I recently did my first beginner machine embroidery post so that you will learn along with me how to use my Brother PE-770 embroidery machine.  I decided to do a second simple post that builds upon the last one that I did on how to make a beginner machine embroidery bib. This project Is similar in that it does not require that you import any embroidery designs from any other source.  It is a simple embroidered key fob with a name but this time the name is vertical and on a smaller piece of fabric.  You only need to do one more step to switch from horizontal to vertical. This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  

You may think that using a smaller piece of fabric would be difficult but it is not.  I used my stabilizer to keep everything taut. Of course you need to use stabilizer in order to do machine embroidery.  There are several different types of stabilizer but I am not going to discuss them here.  Instead I am going to say that I used a medium weight tearaway stabilizer for this project.  It worked perfectly for what I wanted to accomplish.  

If you don’t have an embroidery machine I definitely recommend the PE-770 but it is a little pricey so if you are just starting out you might try the Brother PE-525 as an alternative.  It is smaller with a smaller hoop but with a few adjustments it will get the job done. Regardless of what machine you choose embroidery adds that additional pop and beauty to your sewing projects.  

What you will Need:

Step 1: Cut your Fabric

Cut your fabric so it measures 3 1/2″ x 10″. Cut the interfacing so that it measures 1″ x 10″.

Step 2: Hoop your Fabric

Cut a piece of stabilizer that fits your hoop.  My hoop is 5″ x 7″ so I cut a piece of stabilizer that was a bit larger than that so it would fit inside the hoop and remain taut.  Spray your stabilizer with the fabric adhesive.  Line up the fabric in the center of the hoop so that it lines up vertically.  The spray adhesive will keep the fabric from moving around in the hoop. 

How to Make an Embroidered Key Fob
Hoop your fabric


Step 3: Type your name into the machine

Type your name into the machine using the touch screen.  If you do not have a PE-770 follow the manufacturers instructions on how to insert the name you would like embroidered on your key fob. 

How to make a beginner machine embroidery bib
Type in the Name

Step 4: Switch the setting to Vertical

Using the touch screen on your machine turn the name image so that it moves 90 degrees and is vertical.  This is done by simply touching the 90 degree icon on the machine as shown.  Again if you do not have a PE-770 follow your manufacturers instructions.  The machine should be centered and on one side of the fabric so that the stitching will be about 1/2″ from the long edge. You will also want to make sure that the embroidery will occur at the bottom of the fabric.  This is done by pushing on the directional arrows.  These arrows will move the hoop either up or down so that you can decide where the embroidery starts.  

How to make an embroidered key fob
Turn the image by 90 degrees
How to Make an Embroidered Key Fob
Move Image to Bottom of screen

Step 5: Embroider

Lower the presser foot and hit the green button to start the machine embroidering.  The machine will continue to embroider on its own until it is finished.  Once it is finished remove the hoop from the machine.  Then remove the fabric and stabilizer from the hoop.  Tearaway the stabilizer from the stitching. 

How to Make an Embroidered Key Fob

Step 6: Fuse your interfacing

Take your Pellon 808 and fuse it to the underside of the stitching.  

Step 7: Fold your Key Fob

Fold the raw edges in by 1/4″ and press.  Then fold so that the folded edges meet and the name is now in the center of the fob.  Press.  

Step 8: Topstitch the Fob

Top stitch 1/8″ along the long edges.  Trim off the ends.

How to make an embroidered key fob
Sew the sides and cut the ends

Step 9: add the key fob Attachment

The key fob attachment comes in two pieces.  One of the pieces is the key ring. The other piece is a metal piece with teeth. Fold the fabric piece in half widthwise so that the short raw edges meet.  Clip the ends so that they are even.  Place the metal piece with the teeth onto both ends.  Cover with a piece of fleece or batting and crimp carefully using a pair of pliers.  Once the metal piece is on securely add the key ring and you are finished with your embroidered key fob.  

How to Make an embroidered key fob
Add the Key fob End
How to make an embroidered key fob
Crimp the metal
How to make an embroidered key fob
Finished Key Fob

How to Make an embroidered key fob

I hope you enjoyed this project.  If you would like more sewing and crafting projects sign up for our newsletter and receive access to our free printables library.  





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