How to Make a Removable Peter Pan Collar

How to Make a Removable Peter Pan Collar

I love Peter Pan Collars.  I have a blouse that I bought that has a removable Peter Pan Collar so I thought I would show you how to make a removable Peter Pan Collar of your own.  This is a very simple project that even a beginner can make. It adds just a little fun to your everyday wardrobe.  Use some sequined fabric to add pizzazz for an evening out.  The traditional Peter Pan collar is generally white but it can be made in any color you want to make it to match your style.  That is the beauty of making your own.   

For this project I used cotton fabric that I got at JOANN! but you could head to Hobby Lobby or to get exactly what you need for this project and a woven interfacing for support.  I used leather lacing for the ties and basic sewing skills.  Believe me there is nothing to it and it is a terrific little accessory.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them an make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  

What You will Need:

How to Make a removable Peter Pan Collar
What you will Need Collar

Step 1: Cut out the Pattern and Fabrics

Print out the free pattern.  Tape the two pieces together.  Cut two main pieces, two lining pieces, and two interfacing pieces using the pattern.  

Step 2: Fuse the interfacing

Fuse the interfacing to the main fabric pieces following the manufacturers instructions.  If you are unfamiliar with how to fuse interfacing it is a simple process.  The interfacing has a glue side and a non glue side.  The glue side is slightly shinier.  Place the glue side to the wrong side of the fabric and press with a hot iron.  The glue will start to melt and fuse with the fabric so that the two pieces can be treated as one.  

How to make a removable peter pan collar
Fuse the interfacing

Step 3: trim the lining

Trim the lining about 1/8″ all the way around.  This will allow for a neater looking seam.  

Step 4: Pin the Pieces together

Place the leather lacing at the short end of the main piece right side up.  Lay the lining right side down.  Pin or clip. 

How to make a removable peter pan collar
Add the leather lacing
How to make a removable peter pan collar
Add the lining

Step 5: sew

Sew the pieces together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Even though the lining is smaller than the main fabric you will still make sure that the raw edges are even as you sew.  Trim the seam allowance. This will allow the main fabric to roll to the wrong side when finished for a nice clean look.  Leave a 2″ opening on the long edge for turning.  Clip the curves so that they lay nice and flat.  Repeat for the other set of pieces.

Step 6: Turn 

Turn the piece right sides out.  Press so that the entire piece is nice and flat. Use a pointy tool to poke out the curves and corners.  For this purpose I like to use That Purple Thing.  It is a great tool for turning all kinds of sewing projects,  

How to make a removable peter pan collat
Turn the collar

Step 7: Sew the Opening closed

Sew the opening closed using ladder stitch.  Ladder stitch is very important here because the side of the collar will be seen and you do not want your stitches to show.  If you are unfamiliar with ladder stitch take a look at this video.  

Step 8: Sew the two pieces together

You should have two pieces.  Place the two pieces right sides together.  Sew the tips together using a few whip stitches.  

How to make a removable peter pan collar
Sew the tips together

Step 9: Embellish

Open the collar. You can add a button or brooch to the center to embellish the collar if you like or just keep it plain. You have now finished your removable Peter Pan Collar.  

How to make a removable peter pan collar
Finished Collar

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