How to Make Dollar Tree Mini Vases

How to Make Dollar tree mini vases

Here is another fun Dollar Tree craft that I just love. These Dollar Tree Mini vases are a super simple Dollar Tree craft that any beginner crafter can make. It is such cute little project that I urge you to try this one out. I made this project in the farmhouse style and it came out super cute. I thought I could change out the foliage in the vases depending on the season so I wanted to keep everything else relatively neutral. Other than the spray paint that I used everything came from Dollar Tree. You could use Dollar Tree paints if you like but I thought the spray paints would be easier. If you would like more Dollar Tree crafts head over to my Dollar Tree crafts page here.

What you will Need: How to Make Dollar Tree Mini Vases

Step 1: Paint the Pieces Black

Remove the tops from the shakers and paint the three salt and pepper shakers, the butter dish and the candle holder using their black paint. I used a multi surface black spray paint. Let dry completely.

Step 2: Paint the Pieces White

Once the black paint has dried paint the pieces white. Make sure to let them dry completely. Use a second coat if necessary.

Paint everything white

Step 3: Sand off the Curves and Corners

Using the sand paper, sand through the white paint to get to the black paint to simulate wear on all of your pieces. You could just paint the areas black to create the wear spots but I wanted a more subtle look.

Sand off the curves and corners

Step 4: Glue the Pieces Together

Using hot glue or e6000, glue the bottom of the butter dish to the top of the candle holder so that it is centered. Turn the top of the butter dish upside down and glue it on the bottom of the butter dish.

Glue the bottom to the holder
Glue the top to the bottom

Step 5: Add the Ribbon to the Shakers

Place the ribbon of your choice around the threads of each shaker and tie a bow.

Step 6: Add the Shakers to the Butter Dish

Add the salt and pepper shakers to the lid of the butter dish.

Step 7: Add the Foliage

Add the foliage to suit your season to the shakers and you have finished your Dollar Tree Mini Vases.

Add the Foliage
How to Make Dollar tree mini vases

Bonus Craft!!!

I had these lids left over from the project and had some ping pong balls left over from another project so I put them together and made some snowman Christmas ornaments. This is how I did it.

What you will Need: How to Make Snowman Ornaments

What you will need

Step 1: Paint the Table Tennis Balls

I painted the table tennis balls to give me a better surface to paint the face on. I used a white multi-surface spray paint to paint the balls.

Step 2: Add the Baker’s Twine

I used baker’s twine as the hanger for my snowman. I cut a piece that measured 12″ and put one end thorough a hole in the lid and tied three large knots to secure. Then I put the other end through another hole and also tied three knots to secure.

Add the twine

Step 3: Glue the Lid to the Ball

Glue the lid to the ball.

Glue the cap to the ball

Step 4: Paint the Face

Paint the eyes, nose and mouth on the ball. Add it to your Christmas tree.

Paint the face
Finished ornaments

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