Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Three Pocket Scissor Holder

I thought I would make yet another version of the three pocket scissor holder because it is indeed a handy little project to keep all of your sewing scissors together in one place.  This is an easy project that uses only a fat quarter of fabric, some batting, a pattern and some standard sewing supplies. If you need any of these items feel free to head over to or Hobby Lobby to get everything you need for this project.

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What you will Need:

Three Pocket Scissor Holder
What You will Need: Scissor Holder

Step 1: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Print out the pattern pieces.  Abut them together and tape.  Lay the pattern onto the fat quarter and cut 2 pieces making sure that one is a mirror image of the other.  Cut one of the batting.  You will notice that there is a 1/4″ seam allowance included in the pattern.

Step 2: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Place the fabric right sides together with the batting on the outside.  Make sure to add your ribbon loop at the markings on the pattern.  Instead of ribbon, I made a fabric loop to match my fabric. You could also use a piece of bias tape if you have some on hand.

Three Pocket Scissor Holder
Cut two pieces of fabric and one of batting

Step 3: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Sew all the way around and through all layers leaving a 2″ opening at the bottom for turning.  Clip the corners.

Step 4: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Turn Right sides out and fold under the fabric at the opening.  Press well.  Top stitch around the perimeter.

Three Pocket Scissor Holder
Turn Right Side Out

Step 5: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Lay the piece facing right sides up and fold the short side to the long side and press.

Three Pocket Scissor Holder
Fold short side to long side and press

Step 6: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Fold half of the previous fold back on itself and press again.

Three Pocket Scissor Holder
Fold half of the previous fold back on itself and press again

Step 7: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Open up the first fold so that both folds are facing down.  Then fold the left side over.  Fold up the bottom point to square it off and press.


Step 8: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Fold the previous two folds back toward the left fold so that there are now three pouches for the scissors.

Three pocket scissor holder
Fold the Right side over the left and press

Step 9: Three Pocket Scissor Holder

Clip the sides together and sew up both sides of the piece enclosing all of the folds.  You have now completed your three pocket scissor holder.

Three pocket scissor holder
Clip the Sides together

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