How to Make a Baby’s Reversible Hat

How to Make a Reversible baby's hat
Finished Hats

I came across this free child’s reversible hat pattern on a website of Japanese sewing patterns and thought to share it with you.  This is a simple sewing pattern that was a translated by a woman in Australia to make it understandable for us.  Not only is this pattern reversible it is adjustable to grow with your child.  I just love this little hat.  It is a fun one to make and just too cute for words. This is a beginner hat making project.  It really doesn’t require much skill to make. Just follow the tutorial and you will be on your way.  if you would like more children’s projects check out my baby blocks , toddler dress, and baby romper.  

I used some remnants that I had on hand to make this adorable hat.  These remnants came from JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores but you could head to Hobby Lobby, Fabric.com or onlinefabricstore.net to get exactly what you need for your child’s hat.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

If you would like a video tutorial of this project head over to YouTube and check out my video and while you are there subscribe to my free YouTube channel.

What you will Need: How to Make a Child’s Reversible Hat

What You will Need- Baby’s Hat

Step 1:  Print out the Pattern

Print out the pattern.  Add a 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around the small pattern piece.  I typically include seam allowance on my patterns but this one does not include it. I enlarged it for a larger child.  You do not need to add seam allowance to that version.  

Add seam allowance

Step 2:  Cut Fabrics

Cut six pieces of fabric A and fabric B using the pattern piece.  Mark the dotted line on each piece using a Frixion heat erasable pen or some other erasable marker.  

Cut pattern pieces

Step 3:  Stitch the Fabrics

Stitch each fabric piece using a 1/4″ seam allowance right side together.  For the first two pieces leave an opening to feed the cording through as shown on the pattern.  Stitch all 6 pieces together to form the hat. You should have two hats, one from fabric A and one from Fabric B.  Press the seams open.  

Stitch first two pieces
Stitch all pieces

Step 4:  Combine the Two Hats

Place the two hats right sides together matching the seams.  Stitch the two hats together around the brim using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Stitch all the way around but leaving an opening for turning the hat.  Turn the hat right sides out.

Combine hats

Step 5:  Topstitch Around the Brim

Turn the hat right sides out. Topstitch all around the brim making sure to enclose the opening you left for turning.  

Turn right sides out

Step 6:  Create the Casing

Stitch along the dotted lines of the pattern creating the casing.  Insert the cording through the casing using a bodkin or a safety pin. Use fray check or dip the ends in wax to prevent fraying of the cording.  Evenly gather the cord and tie in a bow.  You have now finished the child’s reversible hat.  

How to Make a Reversible baby's hat
Finished Hats

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How to Make a Reversible Baby Hat




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  1. Loved this and good video as so easy to follow, not rushed. However, do I,leave opening on both sides for when you reverse use as cord would be inside on the head. Thanks

    1. The opening for the cording is only on one side. The opening for turning the hat is on the brim. The casing is made after you turn the hat right sides out through the brim so you only need the casing opening on one side. I hope this makes sense. Good luck. Diana

  2. I like this concept. However I agree with Annette that if you have one opening for the cording (in your case on the turquoise fabric) the hat isn’t really reversible, You would not have access to the cording if the hat is set up with the pink to the exterior.

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