How to Make Cloth Napkins

How to Make Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are making a comeback.  With the focus on the environment people are turning to more sustainable options from reusable kitchen towels to cloth napkins.  Making cloth napkins is the easiest beginner sewing project there is.  In fact, I can’t think of an easier project to start out your sewing career.  All you need is fabric, standard sewing supplies and beginner sewing skills to complete this eco-friendly project.

Not only are these napkins functional they are attractive as well.  They are so easy to make you can sew them for holidays and for everyday.  I love to stage my holiday tables with these beautiful cloth napkins.  I love the variety of colors and prints that you can get when you make your own.  You cannot get the same variety when you buy them in the store.  I purchase fabrics from my local fabric store, Hobby Lobby and from Fabric.com.  I find the online fabric stores to be very convenient with my busy work schedule so give them a try if you haven’t already done so.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

What you will Need:

  • 1 Yd of cotton fabric for every 4 napkins
  • Iron
  • Standard sewing supplies
How to make fabric napkins
What you will Need Napkins

Step 1: How to Make Cloth Napkins

Wash and dry your fabrics before starting this project.  Cut 17″x 17″ squares of fabric.

Step 2: How to Make Cloth Napkins

Fold the edges in toward the center by 1/4″ and press. I use this terrific Panasonic cordless iron that I highly recommend.  If you would like to purchase this same iron I would recommend that you purchase it here.  It is well worth the cost.  I just love mine.

Step 3: How to Make Cloth Napkins

Fold the edges again so that the raw edges are enclosed and pin.  If you would like to make this terrific mannequin pin cushion that I use when I sew, check out my pattern and tutorial on how to make it by clicking on the link.  It is a fun and functional project that I use everyday.

Step 4: How to Make Cloth Napkins

The corners will be squared off.  You can sew the napkins this way to make them super simple but you can also miter the corners if you like.

How to make fabric napkins
Square off the corners

Step 5: How to Make Cloth Napkins

To miter the corners fold the corner toward the center twice.  Once you have folded the corner the adjacent sides will fold together forming the miter. Clip the corners.  It is totally up to you whether you want to miter your corners or not.

How to make fabric napkins
Turn the corner under twice
How to make fabric napkins
Miter the corners

Step 6: How to Make Cloth Napkins

Once you have decided which method you want to use for your corners sew along the folded under edge to attach it to the body of the napkin.  When you reach the corners leave the needle down and lift up the presser foot.  Turn the napkin to the next side and continue to sew.  Sew around all four sides.  You have now finished your DIY cloth napkins.

How to make fabric napkins
Sew along the edge

This is a terrific beginner sewing project.  If you would like more sewing and crafting projects sign up for our newsletter and receive your free list of sewing room must haves.




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