Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Girls Butterfly sleeve top
Finished Butterfly Top


Spring has sprung so I thought I would make this easy to make, cute little girls butterfly sleeve top.  This is the perfect little top for little girls this spring and summer.  I, of course, used a 1 yard remnant to create this little gem.  If you want the perfect little girls fabric for this project I recommend and Hobby Lobby. This post contains affiliate links that if you click in them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I obtained this pattern from Candace Todd.

This entire project should take you less than 1 hour to complete and it is a beginning sewing project.

What you will Need: 

  • 1 yd of fabric
  • 1 1/2 yds of 1/2″ elastic
  • Standard Sewing Supplies
Girls butterfly sleeve top
What you will need Butterfly Top

Step 1: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Cut your fabric as follows:

  • a piece of fabric measuring 36″ by 17.” The 36″ length is the one that goes around the chest. If your child is larger or smaller adjust the measurements to fit.  These measurements fit a chest size of 23.”  The 17″ length is for the length of the top. Again, adjust accordingly for a different size. Or add a bit more length to make this into a dress.
  • Also, cut two pieces of fabric to 7″ by 16″ for the sleeves.
Girls butterfly sleeve top
Cut the body and the sleeves

Step 2: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Take the larger piece of fabric & sew right sides together along the short side creating a tube.

Step 3: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Make a casing along the top of the tube. Fold down 1/4 inch and press.  Fold down another 5/8″ and press again.  Staring at your back seam stitch along the edge of your casing, leaving a 1″ opening for the elastic.

Girls butterfly sleeve top
Create the casing for the elastic

Step 4: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Cut a 24″ or 1″ longer than your child’s chest measurement piece of elastic. Using a safety pin, thread your elastic through the casing. Overlap your elastic ends & stitch together. Place the finished ends within the casing and sew the edge

Girls butterfly sleeve top
Add the elastic into the casing

Step 5: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Now, take your sleeve pieces and fold them in half lengthwise, right sides together and press. Fold the sleeve in half width wise and round the top corners of both sleeve pieces so that the corners match.

Girls Butterfly Sleeve top
Round the corners

Step 6: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Stitch around the rounded side, leaving the bottom open.  Clip your curves and turn the sleeve pieces right sides out and press.  Top stitch around the rounded edges of both sleeve pieces.

Step 7: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Make a casing for the elastic on the sleeve pieces by folding up the bottom hem 1/4″ and pressing.  Then fold another 5/8″ and press again.  Cut the remaining elastic into 15″ pieces.  Using a safety pin, thread elastic through the casing and stitch each end.

Girls butterfly sleeve top
Create the sleeve casing

Girls Butterfly sleeve top
Insert the elastic into the sleeve casing

Step 8: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Measure 3″ from the center back seam and pin the sleeve.  Pin in the same position on the front. Sew each of the sleeves into place.

Girls Butterfly sleeve top
Attach the sleeves

Step 9: Girls Butterfly Sleeve Top

Now you just need to hem up the bottom. Fold down the bottom hem 1/4″ and press.  Fold down another 1/2″ and press. Sew the hem starting at the center back and you are finished.

Girls Butterfly sleeve top
Finished Butterfly Top

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