How to Declutter Any Room or Closet in 6 Steps

How to Declutter Any Room or Closet in 6 Steps

So, how to declutter any room or closet in 6 steps.  It is that time of year for resolutions, optimism, and decluttering. Believe it or not clutter around the house can cause stress you do not even realize is there.  It is amazing how well you feel when you get rid of the things that are cluttering up your life.  To assist in this sometimes mammoth undertaking I have come up with 16 ways to declutter your house in no time.  A simple check list will help you along the way. I encourage everyone to take a stab at decluttering and organizing your home so that you can live stress free while enjoying your sanctuary away from the pressures of work, parenthood, and life.

What you will Need:

  • Checklist
  • 4 Baskets
  • Plastic Trash Bags
  • Standard Cleaning Supplies

Step 1: How to Declutter Any Room or Closet

Use the attached checklist for starting your project

Step 2: How to Declutter Any Room or Closet

Use 4 baskets or create 4 piles designated: Keep, Trash, Donate, Miscellaneous. I like to put trash bags inside of the baskets for easy disposal or donation.

Step 3: How to Declutter Any Room or Closet

Sort through your clothes, linens or cooking utensils and food.  While you are sorting through your possessions consider:

  • Does It Fit?
  • Do I Look Good In It?
  • Have I Worn This In The Past Year?
  • Is This Item Stained Or Damaged?
  • Is the Food out of Date
  • Are the Pots and Pans still usable?
  • Do I need all of the cooking utensils I have?
  • Do I Need all of these Linens?
  • Are these linens threadbare, stained, or damaged?

Consider these questions when making your initial culling.  Once you have gone through the first cull go through the baskets again to see what else can be donated or thrown out.  Keep only those items that you really wear or need.  Dispose of the rest.  You will feel better when you can actually find things in your closet or cupboard once again.

Step 4: How to Declutter Any Room or Closet

Clean your space.  My closet was much dustier than I ever imagined.  I vacuumed and wiped down the shelves before starting my reorganization.

Step 5: How to Declutter Any Room or Closet

Now it is time to reorganize.  I was amazed at how much room I had in my closet once I got rid of all of the excess clothes and shoes that I no longer wore or that were damaged in some way.  I started in my clothes closet.  Once I had the clothes I was going to keep, I organized them by type and color so that they would be located easily.  I was surprised by how many clothes I haven’t worn in years but still kept in my closet. When reorganizing keep these things in mind:

  • Where do you want to start – Have a plan
  • How long will each room or closet take?
  • Can you devote several hours at a time for the organizing process
  • Use the 16 organizing tips at for strategies to organize your home
  • Make sure that everything has a home and that the item is in that home
  • Store items efficiently
  • Be fearless

Step 6: How to Declutter Any Room or Closet

Step back and admire your work and feel the clutter stress fall off your shoulders.

how to declutter any room or closet in 6 steps
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