10 Gifts to Sew for Mother’s Day

10 Gifts to Sew for Mother’s Day


Mothers Day is just around the corner so I put together this list of 10 gifts to sew for Mother’s Day.  Each of these projects will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift and will be special to the mother who receives it.  I hope you give them a try.

Gift 1: Infinity Scarf

This simple pattern and tutorial will help you to sew the perfect infinity scarf in just a few steps.  Use some lovely fabrics to make it perfect for your mother.

How to Make an Infinity Scarf
Finished Infinity Scarf

Gift 2: Shopping Tote

With plastic bags being eliminated from stores I am sure that your mother can use this simple to sew shopping bag.  It is a basic tote that anyone can make in a short amount of time and will take the place of disposable shopping bags.  This is a perfect little Mother’s Day project.

Gift 3: Fabric Trays

I love these easy DIY fabric trays. They add the perfect pop of color to any decor and can be used to store any little thing.  A set of these trays will make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

quick and easy fabric trays
Sew on the Buttons and Fill

Gift 4: Craft Apron

Does your mother do crafts.  How about this easy to sew DIY craft apron to keep everything clean and neat while she is crafting away.  This is a super simple project that takes just a few steps but will make a great gift to any crafting mother.

Sew down the middle of the pocket area

Gift 5: Makeup Brush Holder

Every mother needs a makeup bag and brush holder.  Try this simple to make pattern for your mother on her special day.  I know that she will love it.

Gift 6: Beret

Does your mom like hats.  I love them and this little gem is simple to make.  This beret is actually reversible so you can use a solid for the exterior and a fun floral for the lining to make this fun to wear project.

Easy Winter Beret
Easy Winter Beret

Gift 7: Bum Bag

Here is another simple to sew project.  This DIY bum bag is perfect for the mom on the go.  Slip your phone and keys into this little pocket and head out.  Any mother would be happy to get this handmade present.

DIY Fanny Pack Tutorial

Gift 8: Makeup Bag

Does your mom need a basic makeup bag.  Try this one on for size.  It is simple to make. Use some fun fabrics for this project to make your mom feel special.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Finished Makeup Bag

Gift 9: Garment Bag

This DIY garment bag is perfect for storing your nicest clothes or to take on the go.  It is simple to make and the use of laminated fabric makes it water proof as well.

Easy DIY Garment Bag
Easy DIY Garment Bag

Gift 10: Car Trash Bag

This final project is an item that every mom needs for her car.  I use mine everyday to stash straw wrappers, receipts and other trash that builds up in my car.  It is just a basic pattern but is oh so useful.

Easy DIY Car Trash Bag
Place the Bag in Your Car



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