Quilting Projects

How to Make an Insulated tea cozy

How to Make an Insulated Tea Cozy

By Sewverycrafty | June 9, 2022

My husband is from England and loves his tea. I thought I would make an insulated tea cozy in homage to his drinking habit. My little teapot and teacup combination was a perfect template for this project. I decided to quilt this tea cozy as well so it is also a simple little quilting project….

How to Make a Round Potholder

By Sewverycrafty | May 10, 2022

Round potholders are a great accessory to any kitchen. They are perfect for picking up hot pot and pans and they look good too. This is a very simple round potholder tutorial that anyone with basic sewing skills can make in no time at all. This is a quick quilting project for the beginner quilter…

How to Make a Quilted Gingham Pillow Case

How to Make A Quilted Gingham Pillowcase

By Sewverycrafty | May 5, 2022

I came across this great gingham quilt pattern by Erica Arndt at www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com and thought to share it with you. Rather than doing the entire quilt for you I decided to do the quilted gingham pillow case instead. You can find the pattern and instructions for the entire quilt and the pillow cases on Erica’s…

How to Make a Quilted Flower Placemat

By Sewverycrafty | February 13, 2022

It won’t be too long that spring will be upon us. I thought to make these fun quilted flower placemats to get out of the doldrums of winter. This is a fun little quilting project for the beginner sewist and quilter. All you need is the pattern, some fabric and some batting to create these…

How to Make a Winter Quilted Placemat

By Sewverycrafty | December 5, 2021

Once again I have been using my EQ8 software to create this adorable winter quilted placemat.  I love this software. It is so fun to work with and you can create lots of quilts when you have no experience like me.  This is a simple placemat that is fun for the winter season.  You could…

How to Make a Penguin mug Rug

How to Make a Penguin Mug Rug

By Sewverycrafty | November 23, 2021

It’s winter so I thought I would put together this simple penguin mug rug to brighten up the season. This is a simple quilting and appliqué project that anyone can make.  Once again I have used my new toy to design this adorable little mug rug.  The EQ8 quilting design software made this project in…

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Table Runner

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Table Runner

By Sewverycrafty | November 15, 2021

I am still expanding my quilting skills and learning some design techniques as well with this quilted Christmas Table Runner.  I purchased the EQ8 Design software and have been enjoying learning it.  This is my first quilt that I have designed using just the stock blocks.  I am sure that with practice that I will…

How to Make a Triangle quilt

How to Make a Triangle Quilt

By Sewverycrafty | November 7, 2021

I am still in a quilting mood.  I am not sure what I am going to do with all of these quilting projects but I really wanted to do this triangle quilt.  It is a Christmas quilt project that I thought to use up my scrap Christmas fabrics to make.  It is sort of the…

How to Make a Patchwork Christmas Pillow

How to Make a Patchwork Christmas Pillow

By Sewverycrafty | November 2, 2021

  I came across this adorable patchwork Christmas pillow from Amy at Nana Company and wanted to share it with you. It is a super simple beginner quilting project that anyone starting out with quilting can make.  There is some hand embroidery in this project which I must confess I have not done in a…

How to Make a simple Baby Quilt

How to Make a Simple Baby Quilt

By Sewverycrafty | November 2, 2021

  After making my quilted sewing machine cover I had loads of fabric left over.  I decided to expand my quilting skills to make this simple baby quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I used the skills I learned to create the quarter square triangle pillow cover but expanded them to make this quilt.  The Sew…



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