My first and probably last quilt

My First and Probably Last Quilt

By Sewverycrafty | September 25, 2017

My First and Probably Last Quilt I decided to give quilting a go.  I really like quilts and how they look but I never thought I had the patience for them and I was right.  I started my quilting journey by taking a class on Craftsy called Startup Library: Quilting.  It was a terrific class…

Lillyella Maker Mat, Lillyella Undercover Maker Mat

Lillyella Undercover Maker Mat

By Sewverycrafty | March 13, 2016

Lillyella Undercover Maker Mat Free Pattern and Tutorial: Lillyella Undercover Maker Mat I saw this free tutorial and pattern for the Lillyella Undercover Maker Mat at my affiliate which linked me to and Nicole who created this terrific pattern and tutorial.  Just click on the photograph or the links above to obtain the pattern…